JBV 3 Piece Couplers

HPP's JBV style 3 piece couplers are the ultimate in Quick Disconnect Couplers.  Designed with the highest levels of performance in mind, they are used in Formula1, IRL, and Off-Road racing.


Compared to a Wiggins coupler they:

* Require 70% LESS area around tube for operation

* Are 12% LESS weight

* Are 17% Narrower

* While still allowing a flexible connection

* While still requiring NO Tools for operation


They provide significantly improved ease of use when connecting and disconnecting liquid hose and intake/intercooler tube applications. 


Racers know that every second counts, especially in the pits. Hargett Precision's JBVs simplify the ability to connect and disconnect critical air and fluid plumbing connections over traditional rubber/silicone coupler and steel clamp connections, which reduces the time required to access or change critical engine components. Connection and disconnection with the JBV can be performed with one hand and no tools are required, making them ideal for virtually all forms of racing.


Street performance enthusiasts will appreciate the JBV's ease of use, and the product's high-quality finish will complement and enhance the look of any engine compartment. All users will recognize the value of Hargett Precision's JBVs over traditional silicone/stainless-steel coupling systems the first time they are used.




•Quickly connects and disconnects most fluid plumbing and intake/intercooler piping

•High-tech alternative to traditional hose and clamp coupling

• Easy to Use! One hand operation with no tools required

•Allows for connection of misaligned tubes

•Delivers a flexible connection during use

•No internal restriction

•Precision CNC-machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum

•Made in the U.S.A.


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  1. 1.00 Inch 3-Piece JBV Coupler Assembly

    1.00 Inch 3-Piece JBV Coupler Assembly


    1.00 Inch 3-Piece JBV Coupler Assembly Learn More

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